Welcoming Remarks
October 5 & 6, 2019

Hasagi Festival(はさ木フェスタ):  Seeking the understanding for Mental Health:  Together with round heart and smile“まあるいこころで共ににっこり”

At the start of Echigo Takada Hasagi Fundraising Marathon



Kawamuro Memorial Hospital, Inaho En, and Tsukushi-no-sato Studio are located in the Echigo Plains of Joetsu City Suwa Region.  They are facilities providing psychiatric care, geriatric care, and social services for the disabled.  In these facilities, many clients, elderly and disabled, are striving to participate, to  rehabilitate themselves, to return to their communities, or to establish their final resting place for themselves.

For the past 27 years or so, we have organized various activities based on our vision for Normalization in collaboration with the residents of our community.  They included: Fureai Festival; Product Exhibit; Tsukushi Festival.  After we created the Hasagi Park  in front of Inaho En in 2001, we decided to organize BIG Hasagi Festival each year.  We are happy to celeb rate our 19th Hasagi Festival this year.

The scenery created by Hasagi reflects the scenes from the seasonal changes in Echigo Region.  It evokes fond memories for the people who grew up in this region and provides healing opportunities.  The Hasagi (rice plant rack tree) in Echigo region is made by planting Tamo Tree or Han Tree to dry the rice plant.  For many centuries, the farming families in this region have grown observing the relationship between nature and Hasagi.  I believe the fundamental principle for creating our community is to be able to live and smile with each other in regardless of having or not having disabilities.  This principle, I believe, is a universal principle for community creation transcending the concept of Normalization.

In order to achieve this principle, we have decided to hold a fundraising marathon on October 5th, the day before Hasagi Festival this year.  We named the marathon “Echigo Takada Hasagi Farm Road Fundraising Marathon, or Hasagi Fundraising Marathon in abbreviation”.  We will be very pleased if many people participate running and sharing happy relationship along the Echigo Region farm road lined with Hasagi.

Thank you for your interest and participation in the Hasagi Festival.

Yu Kawamuro, MD,PhD Chairperson

Hasagi Festival Executive Committee

(President, Wa-Dou Medical Welfare Group)


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